Consumer behavior towards lakme products

Lakme brings expert products and services that are borne out of true understanding of the needs of the Indian woman. It was the first cosmetic brand in India that captured the imagination of consumers.

This is what Lakme is trying to do with the advertisements of its lip color. The family is the most important consumer buying organization society and it has been researched extensively. In general there are three ways of analyzing consumer buying decisions. They may skip or reserve some.

What is Customer Loyalty?

The deal was completed on October 15, InthiscontextLakmehastriedtowooitsconsumers by means of informative advertisement but the perception of its consumersdoesnt gel with that of what the company wants to do.

This is in contrast with its skin care products as they try to telltheir consumers that using their skin care products would help them achieve radiant andglowing skin.

Not many shampoos are marketed specifically to men. As is earlier stated women are supposed to look good notonly in western countries but also in India. With globalization and liberalization of Indian economy and the changing demographics and income levels there is more and more concern to look good as today's Indian woman is no longer confined to her home but is a big contributor to the growth of Indian economy.

Interviewers may ask respondents directly and find out their personal thoughts on the product; this ultimately enhances the quality of information. Customer loyalty encourages consumers to shop more consistently, spend a greater share of wallet, and feel positive about a shopping experience, helping attract consumers to familiar brands in the face of a competitive environment.

To my mind, is there anything unethical about these advertisements. This makes them perceive it as colorful What Lakme wants them to feel: With social media, word-of-mouth advertising can go worldwide in an instant with a single message sent from a single consumer.

Colmar Brunton Research Corporation. This second element of loyalty focuses on how strong the psychological commitment or attachment is to the brand. Welcoming them to the site allows for free communication. While this helped each brand build a franchise, it served the more important function of giving every user a definite, focused reason to use a particular brand.

India's first beauty brand and is there for a long time in the market since independence. As we are residing in a residential B-school where we are underinevitable pressure of assignments and placementsso it was difficult for us to schedule focus group discussion comprising of girls and that too we have to conduct focus group discussions.

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Reasons that tempt consumer to purchase online. Types of products that are mostly purchased using Social Media. Types of Social Media that are mostly used by consumers in Oman. The growing Indian cosmetics market offers promising prospects for international brands.

The growth rate in the cosmetics market reflects an increasing demand for beauty care products in India. Before making a purchase, the consumer can log on to a social media network and see what other people think about your products and how you handle customer service.

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Consumer Behavior Towards Lakme Products Words | 20 Pages Executive summary About the project Within a short span of time, the use of cosmetics by Indian consumers has increased significantly with more and more women and men taking greater interest in personal grooming, increasing disposable incomes, changing life styles, influence of.

Consumer behavior towards lakme products
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