Crater created by a meteorite essay

The theory predicts that if driving stresses are high enough and acoustic vibrations in the medium are strong enough the granular material will flow as though it were a fluid. I have learnt that when the marble reached its terminal velocity instead of penetrating outwards it penetrated within the sand and increased the depth.

Princeton University Press, Rock around the south rim is uplifted. The Gravity Discovery Centre has indeed gone to a lot of trouble and expense to extend the science and the reliability of its knowledge with a primitive kind of replicable experiment that really proves very little about real meteorite impacts.

Both occupants were severely injured but survived their ordeal. The effect of screaming through the air, even for an iron-heavy meteorite like the one that struck Arizona, is a lot like hitting a wall, Melosh said.

Also, it is probable that the sand was not perfectly levelled for each impact, which may have lead to it reacting differently to each impact, making different size craters. October Muecke, Stephen.

My prediction was based on the scientific knowledge that as the marble gets higher it gains more energy; therefore there is a bigger force, which in turn will make the size of the crater bigger. This creates the crater. Most volcanoes have a bowl-shaped crater at their summit.

Dan Durda The space rock that carved Meteor Crater in Arizona hit the planet much more slowly than astronomers once figured, but still 10 times faster than a rifle bullet.

For example you could have the force coming down in different directions, as this what it would really be like. An Inquiry into Modes of Existence: This way the volume of the cone can be worked out, which gives an approximate volume of the crater.

Chambers, David Wade and Richard Gillespie. A new computer model, reported in the March 10 issue of the journal Nature, shows the incoming object would have slowed considerably during its plunge through the atmosphere, part of it breaking into a pancake-shaped cloud of iron fragments prior to impact.

The marble had a mass of 0.

How does the drop height of the marble affect the size of the crater in sand? Essay Sample

By going into the most intimate details of knowledge production, she believes she has distinguished a trajectory characterized in its turn by a particular hiatus between elements so dissimilar that, without this trajectory, they would never have lined up in any kind of order.

During the satellite era, scientists have monitored car-sized space rocks routinely exploding in the air. Its crater was formed during the Cryogenian period and was thought to be a volcanic crater for years prior to World War II.

The second major difference is that an uplift is formed in the centre of the crater when the earth rebounds from impact. This is simply because the larger marble had a bigger diameter and a greater mass, but both marbles still acted in similar ways Although my results showed that the higher the marble, the larger the crater diameter they were still unusual.

No doubt it is ultimately up to the Jaru and Walmajarri to reconcile, if they wish, falling star versions with the Rainbow Serpent versions. Harvard University Press, My results showed that the larger marble made a bigger crater than the smaller marble. A simple crater has a smooth bowl shape small with a small depth to diameter ratio.

Harwood Academic Publishers, And as they came apart, atmospheric drag slowed them down, increasing the forces that crushed them so that they crumbled and slowed more. Meteor Crater, a popular tourist destination, was the first scar on Earth confirmed to have been gouged by a rocky visitor from beyond.

My predicted graph showed clearly this progression with a straight line, but after doing the experiment the graph turned out to be a bit different. The marble compressed the particles underneath the sand instead of going outwards, which caused the crater size to become smaller.

Meteor Crater

The key discovery was the presence in the crater of the minerals coesite and stishoviterare forms of silica found only where quartz -bearing rocks have been severely shocked by an instantaneous overpressure.

I think the procedure was fairly good, however there are certain things that could be done to make this experiment more realistic. Prediction I predict that the higher the dropping point, the larger the crater made upon impact.

The latter had searched from the air, because that was how they had done it in the desert, looking for mounds of earth outside the burrows.

In this case, the potential energy of the meteorite is converted into kinetic energy in the sand, making a crater. This is when a falling object has reached its maximum velocity.

Gilbert argued that the meteorite fragments found on the rim were coincidental. This occurs when air resistance and gravity are both equal.

That lasted from about 2. On this basis it is possible to accept that phenomena like atoms and lightning strikes behave strangely, and that, just possibly, an invisible being like a Rainbow snake might have some part to play in a reliable form of knowledge, and not be a mere belief.

Track of the Rainbow Serpent.This list of impact craters on Earth contains a selection of the confirmed craters given in the Earth Impact Database.

To keep the lists manageable, only the largest craters within a time period are included. The complete list is divided into separate articles by geographical region. An Investigation to find out how Dropping Height affects size of a Crater created by a Meteorite.

Plan. The investigation is intended to demonstrate the way in which the size of a crater created by a meteorite is affected by the descent height. The Chicxulub crater in the Yucatan Peninsula is a massive impact crater hidden by water.

Mystery of Arizona's Meteor Crater Solved

It is believed to have been created by the impact of a huge meteorite at the end of. The force of the impact obliterates the meteorite and displaces part of the moons surface, pushing the edges surrounding rock. At the same time, more displaced material shoots outward from Crater Lake Essay Although Crater Lake was discovered init was created over 7, years prior to its discovery.

How does the drop height of the marble affect the size of the crater in sand? Essay Sample

Crater Lake was not always. Meteor Crater near Winslow, Arizona is a favorite tourist stopover, but also a less-than-gentle reminder that Earth is in the strike zone of large space rocks. Wolfe Creek Meteorite Crater — Indigenous Science Queers Western Science.

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Lakes Made By Meteors

Stephen Muecke, University of Adelaide This essay will follow the linkages that articulate ‘things’ like the Wolfe Creek crater through different knowledge networks that sustain the ‘things’ themselves.

Crater created by a meteorite essay
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