How far did general haig deserve

Even the government were concerned, as shown by source 12 on page 44 of the text book. This lead to some people believing that Haig did not consider morale, but I can find no evidence to support this claim.

Not only did the Germans survive the bombardment by staying in bunkers, but the sudden stop gave them a clear warning of the approaching attack and gave them time for preparation. Trenches had been dug on the Western front all they way from the coast at Ostend to the Alps.

And it gives out information about Haig and his team. His first major battle was the Somme Offensive in This might be supporting the point that he was just doing his job and he made a great success in the war.

Haig served as commander in How far did general haig deserve of British Home Forces from until his retirement in The source supports the point that Douglas Haig is the Butcher of the battle of the Somme.

In the new Liberal Government DecemberRichard HaldaneSecretary of State for Warimplemented the Esher recommendations accepted in principle by the outgoing Conservative government.

Sir General Haig was in charge of the British at the time. The Cabinet were mistaken, as most of the fodder was for the horses, donkeys and mules, which the BEF used to move supplies and heavy equipment. He wrote to his wife that he wished the British were operating independently from Antwerp, a proposal which he had rejected as "reckless", when Sir John French had made it at the War Council on 4 August.

Did General Haig deserve to be the Butcher of the Somme?

How to Write a Summary of an Article? The result was a slaughter,as intact trench systems manned by troops that had sat out the artillery bombardment which had been so ineffective that in many places the German barbed wire defences remained uncut in specially designed for the purpose underground bunkers called stollen,had plenty of time to take up positions and set up their machine guns long before any British troops were anywhere near the German trenches.

He then served as a cavalry officer for nine years, mainly in India. The battle to defend Paris began on 5 September and became known as the first Battle of the Marne.

How Far Does General Haig Deserve to Be Known as ‘the Butcher of the Somme’?

There are more and more evidences to support both sides of opinion. He had no idea what a real war is.

General Douglas Haig (1861 - 1928)

A lot of people called Douglas Haig the Butcher of the Somme. Haig was a second-rate commander in a unparalleled and unforeseen circumstances. Andrews in he said: He tried his best and put a lot of effort on the planning and war, so that Britain had its victory at last.

No matter which side wins, there were still a large number of people died in the Battle of the Somme. But Haig needed a victory to salvage the faltering campaign.

It was the biggest British military disaster in British history, based on British and German first hand accounts on the battle. The British bombarded the German trenches for 7 days non-stop.

Did General Haig deserve to be the Butcher of the Somme?

If anything, he may even not have told of the full horrors so as not worry those back at home. Haig is also blamed for never visiting the front line and sleeping in a country chateau whilst his men were in trenches, as shown by Source 2. The series was broadcast in the s.Feild Marshall Haig was appointed commander of the army on 10th of Decemberhe was fifty-four at the time and he had had a very succesful military career.

Haig decided to attack the Germans at the river Somme in to attract German soldiers from the town of Verdun where they were fighting the French and had almost broken through. Major-General Sir John Davidson, one of Haig's biographers, praised Haig's leadership, and since the s many historians have argued that the public hatred in which Haig's name had come to be held failed to recognise the adoption of new tactics and technologies by forces under his command, the important role played by British forces.

Nov 10,  · General Haig was the general that led the attacks in the Battle of Somme. After the war, he was bitterly criticized for underestimating the Germans and people gave him the name "Butcher of Somme". Just looking for opinions and plz support with Resolved.

General Douglas Haig (1861 - 1928)

General Haig was the commander of the BEF in the battle. Some of show more content Field Marshall Sir Douglas Haig (19 June – 29 January ) was a senior commander in the First World War (WWI), and perhaps one of the most notable figures in British Military history.

Did General Haig deserve to be the Butcher of the Somme 1 JulyBattle of Somme started, fought by the armies of the British and French empires against the German Empire. It took place on either side of the River Somme in France, and it ended on 18 November We will write a custom essay sample on The First World War – Field Marshall Haig: The Butcher of the Somme?

specifically for you for only $ $/page. Lloyd-George also says that ‘I expressed my doubts to General Haig ’ about this strategy. How Far Did General Haig Deserve to Be Known as Butcher of the Somme .

How far did general haig deserve
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