Memorandum army writing and correspondence

In addition, all staff members are responsible for supporting the overall command training program with expertise and resources from their fields of interest. Avoid conflict and duplication by adjusting plans or policies before implementation.


He drew his theoretical and practical prescriptions from his experiences in the Napoleonic wars. If pressed, Clausewitz would have placed war-making closer to the domain of the arts, but neither solution was really satisfactory. The Prussian writer occasionally likened it to commerce or litigation, but more usually to politics.

It is meant to assist the student in his efforts at self-education and to help him develop his own judgement, "just as a wise teacher guides and stimulates a young man's intellectual development, but is careful not to lead him by the hand for the rest of his life.

Appendix B of this publication. If the local law considers the offense a felony, then treat as a major misconduct offense.

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Number paragraphs if you have more than one. There are a number of approved reading lists available that will help to broaden leaders' minds and expose them to various historical, theoretical, and doctrinally-based perspectives on leadership, military operations and strategy, war fighting, and the spectrum of conflict.

If there is only 1 paragraph, there is no need for numbering. It should include a good mailing address. Sun Tzu is often offered up as the antithesis of Clausewitz, particularly on the issue of the "bloodless battle. Staff members perform the following general IM activities for information related to their fields of interest: In the rest of the book, Clausewitz deals with "real war," i.

William Ormsby-GoreMPargued that: She wrote that she soon realized she was neither physically nor mentally prepared for it. Headquarters management includes- Managing the organization and administration of the headquarters.

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Student and instructor materials printed by the Army Training Support Center will be shipped to the primary course instructor.

The first page on a multiple page memo does not have a page number on the bottom.The McMahon–Hussein Correspondence was a series of letters exchanged during World War I in which the British government agreed to recognize Arab independence after the war in exchange for the Sharif of Mecca launching the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Empire.


The correspondence had a significant impact on Middle Eastern history during and after the war, and a dispute over Palestine. Management Preparing and Managing Correspondence Headquarters Department of the Army Washington, DC 17 May UNCLASSIFED. SUMMARY of CHANGE AR 25–50 Preparing and Managing Correspondence This administrative revision, dated 6 July o Makes Effective Writing and Correspondence: The Army Writing Style, page 6 Standards for Army.

Army RegulationPreparing and Managing Correspondence, gives specific guidance on the many correspondence formats used by the Army.

In this lesson we will review the informal memorandum, the staff study, and the decision paper. Army Regulation 25–50 Information Management: Records Management Preparing and Managing Correspondence Headquarters Department of the Army Washington, DC. AR Promotions and Reductions 'New Army Study Gudie' The 'Most' up to Date Study guide and Best Questions.

Free to Study and in easy Question and Answer format. The Source for Doctrine and Army Study Guide DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY HEADQUARTERS, UNITED STATES ARMY ALASKA Fort Richardson, Alaska United States Army Alaska Regulation Training United States Army Alaska Training Directive Summary.

Memorandum army writing and correspondence
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