My father my heroes my loves

Last year on Valentine's Day he decided that he wanted me out of his life again because his new family was more important to him.

He is a funny, cool, adventurous and smart human being. He is like a hero to me. He is my best friend.

Essay on My Father My Hero

I am lucky to have born in a family where people are mature enough to understand their responsibilities and have taught us the same. Earlier, we only had some pots kept at some distance from each other on the terrace but now we have plants all over the place.


He is appreciated for his hard working nature and has helped his department achieve many a milestones. He is always wanting the best for me for I am his only daughter. He has been a pillar of support for the family.

My Dad has always tried his level best to make me a good human being. He believes in spending a good amount of his salary to social work.

He helps and supports her at every step. Father Heroes from all over the world. A father figure figure can be a friend or teacher or even the neighborhood grocer Please consider donating today [X] Close If you share our goals of shining My father my heroes my loves on the heroes in our midst and empowering people around the world to create positive change, please consider donating today.

He is a very loving father, and I enjoy the times when he plays with me a lot. He was also invited to my school to sensitize the students to make the environment clean and green. He has taught us how we must all take our responsibilities seriously and fulfil them happily.

He is a funny, cool, adventurous and smart human being. When I was at the age of 10 I took my first flight to Sydney. If every member of the family takes his responsibilities seriously then everything will remain well-coordinated.

But at the same time he has left the decision up to me in terms of which path to choose. Even today when I am a young girl, he pampers me like a little baby.

He tries his best to keep our family happy. He helps build things like my electric train. He always made me feel loved even if I did realize it at the time.

He is a loving father and the most gracious person I have ever seen in my life. My father helped them during their hour of need. He has taught me to swim. It was my father who accomplished my life in a better way.

My Dad has always tried his level best to make me a good human being. He is a loving father and the most gracious person I have ever seen in my life. He picked me up if I fell, brushed away my tears when I was hurt, if I was sick he was by my side, when I was sad he made me laugh and if I was scared he held me in his arms to make me feel safe.

He is my hero for reasons like he is a loving father. He did everything for me. I love the petnames he calls me. I have learned a lot from these. He is like a hero to me. However, in my case it is different.My Father My Hero My Love. K likes.

An army of fathers. Where men will encourage each other and their sons about the importance of responsible. My Dad is my real hero because he is the most special person in my life. He is a very good athlete & an artist. He is a Civil Engineer by profession. At weekends he loves to play with me the whole day.

During weekdays we work hard & spend maximum time working at his office. He is amongst the top. 8 Reasons My Dad Is My Biggest Fan And Hero Of My World.

By Samantha Bun. Dec 24 Much like my dad, I love sharing stories and making people laugh. I am my father's daughter. 5. They. My Father, My Heroes, My Loves As a child, I had always looked to my father as a hero. To me, he was strong enough to take on an army one handed, tall enough to reach for the moon and give it to me, and wise enough to know everything about everything.

My father is not just my hero but an inspiration for everyone around. Besides being a great father, a good husband and an obedient son, he is a very noble human being. He treats everyone alike and does not distinguish between anyone based on their caste, religion or social status.

Throughout my life, my father has been a stable, loving presence, supporting and guiding me through my trials and tribulations, sharing in my triumphs, and being a shining example of how a man should act at all times and in all situations.

My father my heroes my loves
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