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Penalties for a second offense can range from failing the course to suspension from the university. Many focus on Wharton not as a 19th-century realist—although interest in literary naturalism remains strong—but as a 20th-century writer engaged in modernist practices and astute about the ideological workings of culture, class, gender, and race.

Industrial revolution had not only brought about new inventions like the telephone, the electric light, or elevators, it further had changed the way production was organised. Lily begins taking sleeping medication and is told by the pharmacist to use great caution, as too much can be deadly.

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Waid's introductory essay pp. It is about this strength and power that the writer describes these women as they are able to cope with extreme situations and make their lives more worthwhile. Then, Wharton and Fitzgerald go on to explain how indulgence in materialistic goods, shown in characters such as Daisy Buchanan and Lily Bart, lead to shallow perspectives on human relationships.

Setting off on her own with no inheritance and no family guidance once her mother dies, Lily finds herself at the mercy of the very group she wishes to join. It was the North American centre of commerce, finance, and the arts.

They broadened the view and understanding we have of the American city at that time. In case this condition subsided, a descent in the hierarchy was almost inevitable. See Housman-Gelfant The specific aspects of an American city, in contrast to older European or non-Western cities, is its fluidity.

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Article on Naturalism in The House of Mirth

The change in status was not only marked by invitations that eventually ceased to be made, it was also evident in the kind of places one was expected or not expected to frequent. The attendance policy for this course has been relaxed from previous versions of the course to include an additional absence to make up for this decreased flexibility in policy.

Nonetheless, the author is aware of the trappings of a materialistic society. Student Learning Outcomes At the end of this course, students should be able to Course Topics and Dates Addressing this Outcome Evaluation of Outcome Understand how research is situated in a scholarly discourse embedded in the literature Weekly "article expert" presentations.

Edith Wharton's view of the architectural status quo and the newest developments in her city has to be called ambiguous. After writing out all her bills and cleaning her rented room, Lily takes some extra sleeping medication to avoid nightmares.

Anti-Semitism is a topic in this paper, because it became a component of New York's bourgeois identity as wealthy Jewish families were perceived to present a challenge to this high status group.

Late Papers and Extensions. This might take any one of several forms: Her environment, glitzy, rich and fashionable, contrasts dramatically with the reality of her life.

This situation was naturally precarious as were the limited rights and little money 'the other half' had. Fitzgerald, as well as Wharton showed how their culture was affected by these beliefs, particularly through setting, character and conflict in their texts: The volume includes judiciously selected short stories that reflect Wharton's wide-ranging accomplishments in historical, sentimental, and gothic fiction as well as in manners; the complete novel Summer; excerpts from The House of Mirth and The Age of Innocence; letters to friends and publishers; and nonfiction from Italian Backgrounds, A Motor-Flight Through France, and Fighting France.

The moral imperatives that perish in her father for lack of reinforcement are resurrected in Lily as a monument to his memory and to her own ruin. This knowledge, of course, was to fade with her continued residence abroad, but the ten years that preceded the war were actually the years when her American impressions were at their most vivid and when she was doing her strongest work.

Daisy Buchanan, being a part of this society, is a very apparent representation of these ideals, expressed through her own inner conflict between maintaining her love for Gatsby or pursuing her intense desire for a prompt marriage.

These need not be terribly formal; their purpose is to allow the "article expert" to raise questions and discussion points about his or her article rather than do a formal presentation of it. Plagiarism also includes handing in a paper that you have previously submitted or are currently submitting for another course.

We will all then read the article before your "article expert" presentation. At least one question either that you had about the the article or that the article inspired you to put to the class. Yet, this only applied to families that could also rely on their inherited wealth. And because of this focus on physical beauty rather than character, Lily is undeveloped as an individual; although she is highly intelligent, she has no useful skills to help her support herself and a somewhat loose moral code where social scheming is concerned.

Pennell succinctly describes Wharton's contributions to travel writing, the short story, the novel of manners, and the gothic tradition, and includes useful secondary bibliographies. In terms of this conflict, The House of Mirth draws very similar parallels, particularly with Lily Bart who never considered a proper relationship with her true love; Lawrence Selden, simply because he was not wealthy enough.

How were the customs and modalities of these people affected by the tremendous developments around them? The pursuit of money and material goods, which characterises the culture of high class society at the time, is another demonstration of the ideology that wealth defines all.

Raised and encouraged to think that beauty and charm were her only assets, a woman like Lily would become useless as she aged and her physical attributes faded. When she realizes this, she tries to remove herself from the situation, but Trenor attempts to rape her.

Cultural studies as well as psychoanalytic approaches inform the scholarship, with critics examining Wharton's social criticism in light of repressed female sexuality and homosociality.The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton Essay - Nature verses nurture is an ongoing debate between people for centuries now.

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Some believe that a person is born with certain traits and characteristics that will remain true for the rest of their life. Edith Wharton - "The House of Mirth" as a Portrait of the City - Nicole Schindler Julia Oesterreich - Term Paper (Advanced seminar) - American Studies - Literature - Publish your bachelor's or master's thesis, dissertation, term paper or essay.

Essay on Naturalism in The House of Mirth - Naturalism in The House of Mirth Challenging the strict deterministic confines of literary naturalism, which hold that "the human being is merely one phenomenon in a universe of material phenomena" (Gerard ), Edith Wharton creates in The House of Mirth a novel which irrefutably presents.

House of Mirth One of Edith Wharton's novels that criticizes high society and the enslaving power of money on the upper class. Like many Realist works, it takes a sharp look at social class. Naturalism in The House of Mirth Challenging the rigorous confines of literary naturalism, which hold that "the human being is merely 1 occurrence in a world of chemical phenomena" (Gerard ), Edith Wharton produces in The House of Mirth a publication which irrefutably introduces the human creature as being subject to some naturalistic destiny but which conveys a looming feeling of hope that.

The House of Mirth (), is a novel by Edith Wharton. First published inthe novel is Wharton's first important work of fiction, soldcopies between October and the end of December, and added to Wharton's existing fortune.

Naturalism in the house of mirth essay
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