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Throughout the film we learn ballroom dancing is about wanting success and power at no matter what cost including corruption, this is portrayed when Ken is seen to be making a deal with Barry Fife to win and not let Scott win.

Arguments take place in the living room, too, which shows that the family is not as close as the setting would suggest. This technique makes the dancers look less attractive in conjunction with over done make up and costumes. This is further illustrated by the large number of trophies occupying the cabinet.

However, Doug begins to create the beat by clapping and soon the whole crowd joins in. When Scott is at home or studio or involve in ballroom dancing competition, mockumentary style is used to present an over exaggerated world. Strictly Ballroom raises universal concepts about the ability to it in or be accepted.

The relationship between Scott and Fran flourishes. This is in contrast to the accelerated pace and quick camera cuts used in the Latin dance segment. The film plays with stereotypes, Australian images and landscapes, mixes genres and fairy-tale story.

But after Scott spends a brief time looking for Fran and convinces her to dance. This clearly establishes Fran as the outsider who does not belong.

The Mirror Scene Techniques: Later on, in the next scene, when Barry confronting Scott, Luhrmann deliberately uses the red curtain again to signifies the theatricality of the dance world.

Dance Strictly Ballroom Essay Question: A montage is a series of shots which compresses the events of a longer period of time into a much shorter space in a film.

Thus, we can see that Australia is changing from s to a modern and multicultural world. Fran is happy for his liberation and newfound sense of belonging. How does he represent his idea?

A true sense of belonging is found when one is true to them. It moves around the room freely and spontaneously, capturing long, continuous shots of Scott. It is also symbolic, suggesting that Scott is now certain of how he wants to dance and the direction in which he must travel.

This reinforces the sense in the viewer that neither Scott nor the camera is following any set plan or steps. The plot makes use of well-known culture and narrative structures to give the audience a sense of place and belonging in the story. However this sense of belonging is compromised by the corrupt Barry Fife, who by fabricating the fate of Shirley and Doug Hastings, places Scott in a dilemma between family expectation and determining his personal identity.

Strictly Ballroom Essay

Usually, it is accepted that to be a member of these particular groups, you will adhere to the rule, in other words, you will conform.Strictly Ballroom Essay; Strictly Ballroom Essay.

WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON The lessons learnt from Fran and her family enable Scott's evolving sense of self through supporting his desire to broaden his understanding beyond the narrow constraints of the ballroom dancing federation.

creating new respect.

Analytical Exposition – Strictly Ballroom

Strictly Ballroom is a postmodern pastiche, a hybridised genre of fairy tail romance which focuses its attention on the gaudy, fantastical world of ballroom dancing and the fixated characters that live within it.

Through Strictly Ballroom Lurhmann represents this idea of two styles of belonging with the dance federation being manufactured and Fran’s Spanish Family being natural. This difference is portrayed through the an authentic and artificial portrayal of belonging due to the conformity of some groups.

Strictly Ballroom Baz Luhrmanns Strictly Ballroom is something of a Fairy tale. Fran one main character is transformed from a tongue-tied girl who lacks confidence and to a.

HSC English Strictly Ballroom Essay. This student studied: HSC - Year 12 - English (Standard) Assignment about the Set Texts Strictly Ballroom for Belonging - One of the Modules for HSC English.

3 Ex Credits 3 Exchange Credits View Details. 3 Pages. Strictly Ballroom Essay. Strictly Ballroom Essay Image enables us to perceive the nature of different worlds from various perspectives and angle view.

Strictly Ballroom

The audience has the advantage of perceiving the nature of the world in each text, from his/her own perspective.

Strictly ballroom essay fran
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