The book cults in our minds and the website factnetorg as sources of information about cults

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What is your response? Not only did the pastor warn the members that they would lose all their friends in the congregation, but he threatened that demons would harass them and that they would lack power with God. Storr defines the term guru as people having "special knowledge" who tell, referring to this special knowledge, how other people should lead their lives.

Charles has also learned a few yogic tricks which he employs to make sure you do as he wants and if you don't, he uses certain aspects including the low grade aspects of Chid. Next in the list is www.

Suggest Additional Research Resources. She worked closely with the late Margaret Singer, recognized as probably the lead scholar on cultic studies.

Pastor Phil Aguilar views himself as the unquestioned leader of his Set Free flock. Full recovery can be difficult if the issues are not clear and you feel alone in the struggle. Sociology Department Chair Clark Davis called Lalich a prolific scholar and passionate teacher whose expertise goes beyond cults to issues of identity and belonging, family structures and socialization.

How to use Apologetics Index

All money was turned in and no accounting was ever given of where it went. The game ended and several of the men, along with the assistant pastor, started casually walking down the stadium steps toward the exit.

Here is their story. Bythe church had been reduced to approximately thirty-five persons and services were held at the communal house, rather than at a rented church building. Read the true account of the struggles and strength of Prudence.

Cult Survivor Blogs and Other Resources

Jesus is an ascended master, and the Bible subordinate to new revelations. The religious cult survivor blogs do catch my eye more than others. For more detailed information of these cults and several cults not mentioned in this article, please consult the following resources.

Therefore it is normal that you will encounter many broken links — especially on the older entries. At the same time, you can feel enormous relief and liberation, especially if you have support. Additionally, members were required to submit a special request to one of the Special Request Committees if they wanted to purchase a pair of shoes, pants, jacket, or other article of clothing.

It was written by Don Barnett to several members of Community Chapel who were contemplating leaving. Both came back with blogs or resources by ex-members in the top ten search results.

Insider doctrines "Information is not freely accessible, information varies at different levels and missions within pyramid, leadership decides who "needs to know" what and when. Here is the link to her site- http: You are following emotions and reasoning that has been infiltrated by the Devil … you are going to lose eternal rewards.

People who left were said to have committed the sin of blasphemy. They were also at major crossroads in terms of career and family. If you ask Mr Ross about this post I am sure he will give you a thumbs up on it They had lost much of the connectedness they had known during their college-ministry years, and were looking for significant relationships.

FACTNet's mission is evolving to cover other important topics to the future of the United States and to our shared planet. I was completely isolated in this very closed and guarded community. Stewart was in complete control of the money in the communal organization.

As always, we encourage you to fully research subjects and issues from a variety of perspectives and sources. She still hesitates when approached to, say, sign a petition.An excellent book, Captive Hearts, Captive Minds by Tobias and Lalich, discusses recovery from "one-on-one" cults (abusive relationships) side-by-side with issues from much larger cults.

author of Cults in Our Midst, We encourage you to obtain information from a variety of sources. Should you seek information and/or advice from the "new.

For more detailed information of these cults and several cults not mentioned in this article, please consult the following resources. Information in this content was taken from these sources: Encyclopedia of Cults and New Religions, published by.

Apologetics Index curates research resources on religious movements, cults, sects, world religions and related issues. We address doctrines and practices of Christian churches and organizations, as well as those of cults of Christianity. The website's address is It contained a lot of information on the use of mind control and cults.

Chapter 4: Abusive Churches Misuse Spiritual Authority

It had a lot of different ideas about approaches that cults took to entice members to join them. Michael Langone, executive director of the American Family Foundation (AFF), a Florida-based clearing house for information on cults and psychological manipulation, called Lalich “a major figure in the field” and said her book is.

Nov 30,  · The media promote the SF, as you'd expect of a mind control front (the media are in the business of mind control, too, and coordinate with intelligence cults effectively): 'Tens and dozens of people are showing up where they didn't before,' Scherr says.

The book cults in our minds and the website factnetorg as sources of information about cults
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