Violence in prisons essay writer

The inmates develop a reaction towards every action due to little choices inside the prison. The decongestion of prison facilities will play an instrumental role towards mitigation of violence in prisons. This also commonly results in the emergence of tension between employees and the prisoners, and can lead to subsequent reactions from either side.

Sexual violence may not be significantly related to racial alignment, but the result of such assault on one race functions similarly towards unleashing vicious attacks and aggression. Discussing the various forms of violence is also important when fulfilling the intention of the correctional institutions in the country.

It is also necessary to institute suitable measures to reduce the presence of contraband within the inmate population, which may be used in the escalation of conflicts.

Violence in prisons essay writer

High testosterone individuals are energetic but impatient. As they grow in age they mellow down, adjust more to their environment and develop more tolerance and surviving abilities. Since it is apparent that the presence of prohibited items and interactions between the inmates and the staff is significant, it is necessary for the management to ensure professional and ethical handling of prisoners.

They do well in sports and acting and may earn financial success through these occupations, as these are the activities that help them release their adrenaline levels. From the analysis made, there are several outstanding factors that have strongly contributed towards the escalation of violence in prisons.

Educational programs for inmates might also be enhanced through the integration of other strategies that facilitate for healthy interactions between prisoners.

In years gone by, the Angola State Prison was characterized by high rates of prison violence most of which resulted into the death of thousands of inmates. Instead of sentencing petty offenders to jail sentences that are unrealistic, alternatives such as fines or community service should be integrated within the criminal justice system.

It was the survivors who passed these genes to us. The process of evolution was gradual and done in fits and starts depending upon the environment and genes. This almost creates a death wish in them and the violence is erupted among inmates. Prison is a high stress and socially isolating environment; an enclosed world where there is very little opportunity for any sort of decision-making.

Interpersonal conflicts and most of the misconducts amongst inmates are related to their age. They do poorly in school and often end up having fewer years of education than is required in the cutting edge world, and have troubles handling the complexities of business.

But in any other occupation they are required to hold their horses, be more rational and patient in their approach and also have better temper and impulse control. Prison violence associating inmates and staff is to be analyzed on several levels of age, race, and gender, where each aspect is a factor contributing to the degree of violence that can be expressed across these two groups.

When faced with violence most inmates take to the fight reaction as they have little choice or control over their situation.Reducing Violence in Prisons INTRODUCTION Prisons are mainly intended to serve as correctional facilities for offenders; they also serve the purpose of housing suspects as they await trial in a.

Prison Violence Essay Sample The world of prison is different altogether from the world outside. Most of the times it is something that happens to other people, and one feels completely alienated from the environment and theory regarding the life at prison.

Sample by My Essay Writer The prevalence of violence in prisons is a significant debate within the consideration of safety in prisons, and attempts towards ensuring safer prisons must capture this. Discussing the various forms of violence is also important when fulfilling the intention of the correctional institutions in the country.

Prison Gangs responsible for most prison violence. (Fleisher and Decker, ) The Aryan Brotherhood is a good example of the gang violence within the prison system.

Also, violence and drugs go hand in hand, which is why they are so involved within the gangs. Violence is always involved with gangs, but with the addition of drugs, the violence can intensify to a level where nothing can be done.

This causes the gangs to be much harder to deal with.

Prison Violence Essay Sample

It happens in men, woman and juvenile facilities. The level of violence and severity can differ but it is all categorized as prison violence and has become an increasingly major issue on the U.S. It is safe to say people tend to believe males are more prone to violence making violence in male prisons have higher rates than female prisons.

Violence in prisons essay writer
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